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Long before there were personal computers, fax machines, the internet, DSL lines, PDAs and cell phones, a need was being created by the Department of Health and Human Services, now known as CMS, for documentation specialists.  These specialists were required to oversee the implementation of new regulations in their infancy for medical record documentation and compliance by health care providers.

Thus, a requirement established a need and Contemporary Consultants Company was being "stirred" up.  It started with one client, then grew to five and soon word of mouth preceded its reputation and the calls kept coming in.  Just like a delicious recipe everyone wanted to order it.

CCC expanded to meet the healthcare providers growing documentation needs, with the arrival of DRGs, PPS, MDS, RUGs, RAI/PAI, PASR/R, OBRA, HIPAA, QI, QA, PI, ICD-9-CM, CPT, HCPCS, eHR and whatever acronym was to come along.  Computers were developed; networking was envisioned; litigation became popular; patient's rights informed recipients; medical records became thicker and more cumbersome as regulations expanded and the medical record departments were moved from the basements of institutions next to the business offices.  Information transformed itself from microfilm to encryption.  Reimbursement was beginning to be measured against medical necessity.  Clinical documentation was elevated to new heights and expectations.

In the beginning, Susan Bouffard was there.  She already knew acute care and the world of academia so there was a natural transition to transcend this knowledge and experience to other realms.  Since then the calls have remained steady and new clients are added as the depth and expanse of our reputation and services becomes evident.

We emulate the "best practices" of health information management, quality assurance policy and practices, meeting survey requirements and addressing deficiencies and citations, documentation improvement plans for remediation, reports of findings and ICD10 coding and auditing.

Contemporary Consultants Company is what you read in our web site and much more.  The intangibles cannot be described and the complete history cannot be summarized.  We emulate the "best practices" of health information management and coding.  THIS IS OUR RECIPE FOR SUCCESS!

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